Watts Road snow Blowing

We have a 30hp tractor with a 5' blower.  Blowing the snow out of your driveway does not leave large heaps of snow blocking your path.   Generally I do the blowing on Friday afternoon and any time there is a large snowfall.  There are three options:
One time driveway 'opening'
I can open almost any driveway with any depth of snow.  
Per-visit clearing
I can keep your driveway cleared on a per visit basis.  If you do not visit your cottage often in the winter, this may be the most economical.  You would need to phone or email me by Wednesday night for this arrangement.  I need to clear the driveway once or twice in the fall to allow the ground to freeze, and occasionally to keep the snow depth to a reasonable level.
Your driveway is cleared for the winter season.

Please call for quotes on any of these options. 



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Last modified: October 28, 2009

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